Technical Innovation Systems
Faculty of Geosciences Utrecht University

TIS for Entrepeneurs

Entrepreneurs are often confronted with the frustration that innovation projects are less successful than hoped for or that they progress much slower than anticipated. In most cases the causes for failure are sought inside the entrepreneurial firm. Often additional efforts are made to increase the performance characteristics of the product.

The Technological Innovation System perspective offers a novel perspective to boost the success changes and speed of innovation projects. The approach allows the entrepreneur to analyze the environment in which the entrepreneur is active and in which the innovation is developed and applied. Research shows that this environment determines for a large part the success chances of innovation projects.

By analyzing the environment (innovation system) the strengths and weaknesses of the innovation system become visible, which leads to novel intervention options for entrepreneurs. Instead of an inward focus on the organization or innovation, an external focus allows the entrepreneur to create more favorable circumstance for the innovation to be developed and applied.

The analysis also shows what parts of the environment can be a target for interventions by the entrepreneur, what changes need collective efforts by multiple organizations and what parts of the environment are very hard to change. These insights fuel novel innovation management strategies that will boost your innovation success.